Mission & Values

“The sound and movement that moves through all life is passed forward through our lives.”

Anne’s mission is to leave a legacy for future generations by passing on her teaching philosophy to current students and future teachers, who will inevitably preserve and extend the art in all facets of their lives. Her student classes and teacher trainings are built upon patience, discipline, individual expression, inclusivity, and connection with that special spark we all have within.

While proper technique and movement are stressed, it is not the sole focus of Anne’s teachings. Her classes are primarily about empowering students that any dream they have in life is attainable with commitment and careful training. and to express their uniqueness from the heart. For students wanting and willing, the ‘stars’ are the limit.

Education. Commitment. Honesty. Well-Being. Love.

Teaching Philosophy

“ A student can make movement to any rhythm and make it sn expression of themselves rather than a clone of something else.”

Anne’s teaching philosophy is universal, timeless, enjoyable and contemporary. Her focus is on preserving the deep tradition of dance, music, and the expression of the soul; contemporizing the artform for the needs of our times.

That means embracing how technology and emerging genres of music are all opportunities to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers alike. But equally recognizing that dance cannot be programmed through robots—it is transmitted from a living organism to another living organism—and our emotional connection is an irreplaceable human treasure.

While Anne’s students are taken on a journey to explore the depths of dance and music, which include an understanding of technique, sound, art, and performance, winning trophies and awards are not the end-in-mind. The intention is to lay the foundations for self-mastery and self-expression so that students can succeed in any life venture they pour their heart into.

This entails understanding that every student learns differently, and every student has a unique expression. Some students are more auditory, others visual, and some are more tactile kinesthetic. Hence, each student’s learning experience is accommodated for with different approaches. And each student is encouraged to express their individualism.

This philosophy is also extended to the teachers Anne trains, who have a complete open palette to create their own classes within the confines of supporting student learning and longevity.

“Sound and movement is life. I connect them with life.”