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brandThe Dance Star Promise

Guidance and care of each student by illuminating the ‘art’ in their hearts and sharing the joy in learning.


Dance Star


"A structure that doesn't bind the imagination."

Anne’s classes offer a sophisticated balance between structure and imagination, technical proficiency and creative expression, discipline and fun. People could traverse the world for years, and still fail to find such world-class teachings that are accessible, non-alienating, and contemporary.

Dance Star


“If you can kick your leg high that's good.
But it's not art."

  • Unless you have affiliation to infinity, your movements are only robotic, muscular. That is not art.
  • Music is in daily life, within the body.
  • You can't dance unless you feel the music.
  • Ballet is a reflection of music.
  • There is no such thing as failure, only another opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Technique and accuracy is important, and so is unique expression.
  • Self-discipline needs to be the driver to fuse the mind, body, and soul.
  • A syllabus is a guideline and there to serve the student’s growth, not the other way around.
  • Concert and performance is a way to learn.

Dance Star


“We have world-class quality classes with
a focus on the longevity of all students.”

Dance Star works best with students who:

  • Want world-class level training and teaching in an inclusive and accessible environment.
  • Are looking for an art-form that they can take with them for life, and one that enriches all aspects of their lives; physically, mentally, emotionally, and
  • Want to learn in an environment that is structured, safe, and conducive to their journey of self-discovery and creative expression.
  • Understand that flashy and quick-fix is not in the best interest of their learning.

It is expected that parents who connect with Dance Star are in congruence with the above criteria too. In addition to that, it is important for parents to understand that developing a child’s unique talents and providing them the foundation for life is a team effort, sending them to a dance school is not an after-school daycare center, and teachers are not babysitters.

Dance Star


“If you want the flashy, go find it elsewhere.
If you want to learn, then I'm here.”

As a direct result of the trainings and classes offered by Dance Star, students and aspiring teachers can gain any one or more of the following key benefits:

  • Increased emotional resilience.
  • Increased creative freedom.
  • Self-confidence and certainty.
  • Zest for life and learning.
  • Deeper connection with self and life.
  • Respect and appreciation for others.
  • A love for service to others as a means of service to self and humanity.